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Alfa Romeo cars have a storied history dating back to 1910, before they were called Alfa Romeos. They built various racing models, and were known for high performance luxury cars in the consumer market prior to WWII. Perhaps the most famous of that era are the Alfa Romeo 6C and 8C models, which had powerful 6 and 8 cylinder engines with dual overhead cams. The powerful straight 6 and straight 8 engines designed by Vittorio Jano won on the track and in the marketplace, and their dual cam design remained an Alfa Romeo trademark for decades.

After WWII, Alfa began producing lighter high performance sports cars and they developed a revolutionary 4 cylinder 1290 cc engine in 1955 that stayed in production in various incarnations through 1998! During this postwar period, Alfa Romeo produced some of their most popular cars ever under the leadership of Orazio Satta Puliga, an aeronautical engineer who designed the Spider Veloce, the 6C 2500 Super Sport, and the Giulietta Sprint Special, among others. The 1960's saw the arrival of the Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint and TZ models, as well as the GTA.

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The Alfa Romeo model popularized in America by the movie The Graduate was the venerable Spider, and Alfa Romeo eventually marketed the car in the USA under the model name Graduate. Perhaps the most sought after model worldwide is the Giulietta Veloce, a speed enthusiast's sports car with some performance upgrades over the Giulietta Normale. The Veloce model likes to be driven hard, and may not reach a proper operating temperature unless pushed. Some Alfa Romeo models sport a Cloverleaf, or Quadrifoglio, emblem, a sign that the car has a package of performance, comfort, and trim upgrades.

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